Production Unit for oral liquids



This unit covers a total area of about 500 sqm and has been designed in such a way to assure an adequate separation of flows among operators, manufacturing/packaging materials and finished products.

This Unit includes a dispensing area, equipped with a suitable cabinet for raw materials classified as OEB 4, where pre-solubilisation of the active substance in the diluting solvent can be performed.

Two separate preparation areas are present, each one equipped with a preparation tank, a storage tank, transfer pumps and filtration units; both preparation areas are connected with the primary/secondary packaging line.

The primary packaging consists of the following machines: blowing machine, capsules loading machine and filling machine.

The secondary packaging consists of the following machines: buffer n.1, labelling machine for the vials, buffer n°2, boxing machine, labelling machine for the boxes, scales and cartooning machine.