Social Responsibility



Quality, sustainability and energy efficiency are Savio Industrial’s main drivers
Savio Industrial is part of the SAVIO Group, which operates in the pharmaceutical sector, covering various sectors: from development to the production, distribution and scientific information to medical professionals. The SAVIO Group has always paid close attention to the impact of its activities on the Safety, Health and Environment and, precisely with reference to the Environment, the cogeneration project was born. The 1 MW plant commissioned in 2018 at the Pavia site satisfies approximately 85% of the company's energy needs. The heat produced is primarily used for process-related needs and for the management of environmental conditions, temperature and humidity, in environments used for pharmaceutical production. From an environmental point of view, in addition to avoiding the emission of 10,000 tons/year of CO2 into the atmosphere, the installation was recognized as a High Efficiency Cogeneration plant and obtained the relative energy efficiency certificates.

Safety and Environment

Fundamental priorities for Savio Industrial are to guarantee safe and comfortable working place to all employees, also minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment, through a certified Safety-Health-Environment Management System.

Company Policy for Environment, Health and Safety at Work


Safety: ISO 45001: 2018
Environment: ISO 14001: 2015